Crowdwork and Gig economy

The task
The target audience for your individual report is CIPD. They would like to commission an informed report analysing some of the key dimensions of crowdwork, with a view to circulating this report among its members.

CIPD have specified that they would like the report to focus on the following key elements, with a view to concluding with a series of recommendations based on your discussion and analysis.

– What are the socioeconomic forces which are structuring the employment choices that are available? Why are people drawn to working on crowdwork platforms?
– What threats and opportunities does crowdwork create for organizations outsourcing activities to platforms?
– What are the working conditions of crowdwork platforms (in terms of skill levels, type of tasks, remuneration, learning and development, social protection, and employment rights)?
– What is the reach and effectiveness of national/international employment regulation for crowdworkers operating virtually across geographical boundaries? What are the implications?

This report on crowdwork and the gig economy is the first of its kind and in this regard you have been given considerable scope to offer recommendations.

Members of CIPD are highly familiar with work and employment issues generally, but less familiar with technological change and working practices. Please ensure that you avoid telling them what they already know.
Report Instructions:-
1. A cover page gives the title of your report, your student number and degree programme.

2. An executive summary will succinctly provide an overview of the key findings from the report (maximum one page)

3. The introduction will lay out the area, set the context and indicate the content that will follow

4. The main body of the report will offer a coherent, well-focussed, pervasive and original argument that is relevant to the targeted audience, providing appropriate support and justification

5. The conclusion will provide a good analysis of the evidence with clear and well-justified conclusions.

6. Use of sources should indicate wider background reading and understanding, with appropriate use of examples that are fully relevant in support of the argument. This should be supported with appropriate use of referencing/bibliographical conventions.

7. The presentation should be meticulous with the appropriate use of style, few surface errors, offering a guide for the reader throughout.
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